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Display is going to be TV's and projector via extenders.
Cool. What video card would you guys recommend?
I am wanting to have an HTPC. I am going to convert an old desktop I have to fill this void. Bellow you will see the specs of the computer. I need to know if what I already have is sufficient and what else I need to add to it. Windows 7 32 bit is installed. Would 64 bit give me any advantages? I know I need a vid card as it is using integrated graphics now. (Or atleast I think) I'm still trying to decide if I want to go with Ceton or Silicon Dust for the tuner. Thanks...
I am going to use MDF as my screen foundation as the small size will easily allow for this to be done with one sheet. The projector will be 9 feet from the screen. Projector being used is an Optoma HD20. Light will be completely controlled in the room. What paint formula should I use with this application? It cannot be sprayed on, must be rolled or brushed. Thanks for the help!
I have been wondering, what is the cheapest wired speaker that has the same sound quality of Bose's Soundlink? I hypothesize that a very inexpensive speaker will produce the same sound quality. Was wondering if anybody had any direct comparisons?
Is there any pro/cons to using the Ceton PCI card tuner vs the USB external tuner?
Or is a cable card compatible tv tuner installed in the HTPC the best bet?
And also does each xbox remote connect with it individually? Seems like one remote might interfere with the others. Or I guess it would be nice to have one remote in the home theater to control WMC on the computer and two other xbox 360's instead of having to fool with multiple remotes.
Awesome. And so how does the remote interface between all of these? Does one remote control all the channels on each tv?
So if I have an Xbox in the living room which is being utilized for watching cable tv, and I have the HTPC hooked up to the home theater, and someone is watching cable tv in there as well, both can function at the same time?If this would work then this leads me to another question. Could I put a couple Xbox's next to the HTPC and have them hooked up to other TV's in my home theater to allow me to view multiple channels at once?
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