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How does HDHomeRun do it when hooked up to say an Airport Extreme and distributed over wifi?
So I am looking for distributing cable tv (which I currently pay for) throughout my home without the use of cable boxes at each TV. I would like a central DVR and everything run from that. I have an iMac which is also running Windows 8 via Parallels. I also have a Dell desktop which is currently not used. I would like for everything to run on the iMac, as this is my most used computer, but could pull the Dell out to be a dedicated HTPC. One option that looks like would...
I also have Windows8 running using Parallels on the Mac if it would be better for me to use a Windows based DVR solution.Also, can I have multiple windows open on the computer showing different channels? I would like to be able to view say three football games at once.
What are my options for getting my HD cable TV signal into my iMac? I'm guessing I need some kind of tuner or something?
Anybody know if a dell s2009wb does it? Will it mess up the picture quality with the scaling?
What happens to the resolution when I connect an hdmi cable box putting out 1080p HD to a monitor which handles up to 1600x900? Does the monitor scale down to native resolution or what?
So I have a Motorola DCX 3400 m. The information on the MoCa feature is almost non existent. Looks like I need to buy another box specifically designed to compliment the DCX 3400 m, but doesn't look like Motorola even makes the box anymore? Can MoCa be used on my existing wiring in the house? Or, should I just get another DVR?
So neither one of these would be feasible in my condo which is already wired.
Does anybody have anymore info on Moco?
That sounds more difficult.
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