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What about the cable box. That is what I am most concerned about.
Yes I have an iPad.
I just want to have one apple tv and cable box. Have each connected to both a projector in the theater and the tv in the living room, and be able to control them in either room. The cheapest solution the better.
One remote would work, but it would be nicer if I didn't have to remember to cary the same remote from room to room. I will read the sticky and see what I can learn. Thanks for the info!
How do I do it?
What my options? One I have been looking at is the optoma hd65. Seems you can find one used for aorund $400.
How would those I listed do?
I need a PA system for a workout class. Room is approx 1500 sqft. Class contains 50 or so. My budget is really $200 or less. I was looking at the Ion Audio Block Rocker Portable PA with iPod Docking, Behringer B205D Eurolive Powered PA System (150 Watts), Alesis TransActive Mobile PA System with iPod Dock, and Roland CM30 Cube Monitor (30 Watts, 1x6.5 in.). Or any other suggestions. Please help! Thanks!
Well im looking for sub $1000 1080p.
Is it still epson 8100, mitsubishi 3800, and optoma hd20?
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