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Woah $700! I was hoping for something in the sub $200 or less range.
Im looking for a good tensioned 100" diagonal screen for a Optoma HD20, but also need it at a good price. Any recomendations and where to buy from? Thanks!
Does anywhere else have it for $1050 like cleveland plasma did?
Its $1350 at cleveland plasma now
So what is the best material to use in a room that will have ambiant lighting?
Shoudn't I want a gray screen. Which is cheaper between painting and building?
Guagh I am so confuesed!
Can you flush mount the hd20 without a separate mount? IE Is the projector itself mountable?
I need to mount this projector as close to the ceiling as possible. What are the recommendations? How far down is the image on the screen from the projector?
I am buying an Optoma HD20. It will be used in the livingroom with blackout curtains on the windows. I have sheetrock walls. I am trying to decide if I should just paint the wall or build a screen. If I build a screen what material should I use and where can I get it from?
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