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well so far so good, I've got 5.1, 7.1 working. I did a clean install of vista 32 bit using cat 9.1 driver and realtek 2.13 connected to Sony strda2400es, set decode=PCM and HDMI audio to AMP only. fingers crossed it stays working
I tried this and it didn't help for me, hopefully it works for you. My receiver is different but similar Sony Strda2400es.
I give up 9.1 makes no difference, I'll just toslink it, I've ordered a sound card lol. Soundcard is cheaper than HDMI Detective. graphics = Radeon 4550 (Driver 9.1) sound = realtek 2.13 OS = Vista 32bit receiver = Sony Strda2400es I get video no problem and sound no problem as long as it's stereo only lol I might get HDMI Detective when it becomes available and I've got any cash in the bank.
the problem I have now is I create the EDID override load it into the reg (ie install the inf), still get only stereo. If I then check the EDID_OVERRIDE in the registry, it looks like the complete data gets bumped into EDID_BACKUP. In other words I load a correct inf, then use moninfo to check the registry where the data strings (2x128 bytes) should be. The correct data for the monitor and the receiver is there, but it is under EDID_BACKUP. The EDID entry itself under...
Hey Dmihmi, you may have hit on something very important here, I'm gonna try this tonight. The bit about setting the decode priority to PCM, I've always got mine set to AUTO, my receiver is a Sony Str-DA2400ES, but I'd assume it would function the same as far as this is concerned. cheers
even better, looks like the newest version 2.20 of moninfo will actually create the .inf for you, very useful. under File-> Create inf creates it from the real time (live) EDID read thank you EnTech
Hi, your EDIDs start like this HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"0",0x01,0x00, HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"1",0x01,0x00, but should start like this HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"0",0x01,0x00, HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"1",0x01,0x02, I'm not sure of anything else
true, I've turned off passthrough as I guess most people would with a receiver, since not much point sending 5.1 etc to a TV. But it's a good point, when reading EDIDs with passthrough on, might cause strange results.
As I said earlier thanks to RandomFoe, I've got my setup working fine. But on reading this forum, I've been pondering a question. How to put it, I was never really worrying about what the HTPC thought of the TV EDID. I'm happy to be wrong, just wondering. Isn't it really the business of the receiver to know the EDID of the TV, why should the HTPC care about the TV EDID, since the HTPC is connected to the receiver, so it really only needs to know the EDID or more...
I'm pretty sure there is no sound driver in the 8.11 vista package.
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