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This is a strange thread?
Anyone with a panny st, gt, or vt do any serious gaming? I am getting conflicting information about how the new pannys handle long gaming sessions.
I would like to thank everyone for their input,..........helping someone choose speakers is like telling someone what their favorite flavor of icecream is. In my area it is not practical to audition many speakers so I am relying on your knowledge based on my description of what I want in a speaker to guide me,...not the best but its what it is. I have auditioned some very expensive speakers that I did not care for, Martin Logan, B & W, so I have learned more money does...
I have heard Klipsh and was not a fan,....to bright. I also listen to several of Bowers and Wilkins offerings and did not care for them either, although they where great with music they seemed lack luster as a home theater speaker,.....much the same as my current TSB speakers. So far I have liked Energy CF-70 and the Def Tech towers I have heard but neither moved me enough to lay down any money. I an not crazy about Def Tech adding the subs to the towers and the Energy...
Sorry,....I left out some information. I currently have a 5.1, TSB 5.25 bookshelves w/ matching center and a Bic F12 sub which I also plan to upgrade. I plan to purchase a matching center to go with my new towers and use my TSB bookshelves as surrounds. I have been happy with the TSB speakers considering the price, I bought them when they where blowing them out for around $50 each, but compared with other speakers i have heard they seem to sound small? They really...
I am searching for some towers to replace my bookshelf speakers in my living room/home theater. The room is 20x20 with 14 vaulted ceiling. The towers will be used for movies only, no critical listening. I am looking for very dynamic speakers that will wow guest, most of which would not know an accurate speaker if they heard it. Some I have been considering, PSB T6, T5 Kef iq 70, Q90? Arx tower Emp 55 Energy CF-70 Focal 826 I am hoping some of you have compared some of...
I also have gamed for years on a panny plasma without any burn in issues but it seems the new gen. pannys, st, gt, vt, are much more prone to ir,.........or this is what I am hearing?
Anyone dare to compare!
These two have made my short list and i would like some input on how they compare. The psb are a little more $ but not a deal breaker. I have medium size room with vaulted ceilings and will used 90% movies. Thanks..!
I was dead set on purchasing a panny st in either 55 or 60 inch but it seems you cant or at least should not game on it. I currently have a panny 50pz800u that for the last few years been great for movies and gaming, i really would like to stay with a panny plasma but it has to be safe for gaming. Can you game on the new panny plasmas?
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