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I assume that process worked smoothly?
Output Frame Lock gives you the option to run the output unlocked from the input. This decouples the input and output timing, so that any changes in the input do not propogate to the output. In some cases, set top boxes make minor adjustments to their output timings. For example, they may output 59.94Hz while playing video, and 60Hz when displaying the menus. When these changes propogate through EDGE to the output, it can cause a momentary disruption in the output as the...
I found exactly the same. I'm going BDP-83 to DVDO EDGE to Panasonic TH50PZ80B . I would expect the BDP-83 to be neutral to the EDGE but using the supplied calibration disk I had to set contrast to -3 and brightness to +1.
I've been a happy user of both an Oppo 980 and 983. I was just visiting the oppodigital web site to see if any new firmwares were available when I spotted this text on the web site.: "Q: Why is there no audio output from the coaxial or optical digital audio port when I play DVD-Audio or SACD discs? A: The copyright protection feature of the DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD (SACD) disc format prohibits unprotected digital audio output. Since the coaxial or optical...
Will the unit come with a universal 110/240Volt power supply?
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