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Wow. To compare the W9 to the ZT60 says a lot for the W9 that's for sure.
And that's the problem UFO. Sony does not let consumers know that Triluminous used in the W850 is not the same as was used in the W9. The versions are indeed different as I found out today.
Well first you weren't able to tell the difference between the W9 and the W850 PQ wise because in the store they have the TV's in what they call torch mode which pretty much a lot of TV's look the same. The W9 would look good in any room like a living room not just in a spare bedroom or a den. I know a few W9 owners who's itty bitty 55inch W9 sits proudly in their big living rooms! Lastly the W850 is indeed Triluminous but does not use the Quantum Dot Tech Color IQ like...
Its good springs but Oppo is the best.
I...h the Oppo Blu ray players are a dream of mine but right now the price is a little much. But trust me if I had the funds I would snatch one up in a heartbeat. All in good time buddy all in good time.
Since I have an IKEA near me I am going to have to check these out.
Yea you see different settings all the time and like I said some work and some don't. It all depends on preferences and room lighting. All that matters is how the PQ on the W9 looks to you and your eye. But I have said it once and I will say it again and that is in my opinion the W9 has the best PQ on a tv that I have seen in a long time from Sony. It has totally made me pass on buying or even thinking of buying a Sony 4K tv anytime soon or in the near future. I am am set...
Thanks for the link UFO. Its interesting Sony didn't include the Quantum Dot Tech in the W850 because my understanding was the W850 was just a larger size version of the W900. So why Sony didn't include it is beyond me. Maybe they assumed people wouldn't notice the difference.
Yes my Light Sensor is set to on.
I was considering turning the light senor off on my W9 but left it on due to power saving which in my home every penny counts!
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