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Beautiful screen shot WhiteSands. What type of camera did you use to take the picture? The w850a is sure a beauty that's for sure. I haven't seen such beautiful PQ on a set except on my W9 that is.
From what I understand is that remaining stock will be returned to Sony. They will either re-sell them on their own site on clearance and the refurbished units will either be re-sold as well or broken up for parts or used as exchanges. It would be interesting to find out what happens to TV's once new units come out and replace them.
Went to my local Roseville BB last night and they had no W9's in stock and neither did the Magnolia warehouse. The rep said they are moving them out and waiting on the new Sony TV's to arrive. The BB in Inver Grove MN had 2 left in stock and they had a lot just a week ago! They to are waiting for the new Sony TV's to arrive. So it looks like the W9 is on its way out to be replaced by the W950.If you can get a W9 that's nearly flawless $1700 will be worth it and money well...
Yep. More then likely to be replaced by the inferior W950B which is to be the W9's successor anyway . Good luck to those that buy that "sucker!".
I will give LG and Samsung some credit at least for trying to get OLED started unlike Sony and Panasonic who ended a partnership to produce and make OLED TV's. I still believe that OLED is the future and NOT 4K.
"People lucky enough to be in the dark with you"? LOL We wont even go there!
Thank god Sony used a Samsung Panel on the W9 and not an LG panel.
Wow! Must be nice to have 2 W9's sitting side by side like that. That would be a cool gaming experience. So my question is which one are you going to choose?
hdtvtest is not the only site to give the W950B a bad review, there have been others as well.
With the way you have your tv sitting on that stand I would be very careful, you don't want it falling over. That being said. I have had 4 TV's, one of them being the excellent Sony HX850. And not one of them, not even the HX850 ever got high praise from my wife that is until the other night when my W9 got high praise from my wife. She said its one of the best HDTV's she has seen. Coming from my wife that's very high praise and one hell of a stamp of approval in my book....
New Posts  All Forums: