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Nice promotional tool from Sony for sure. But there's no struggle for me because I think my Sony HX850 delivers the same kind of beautiful PQ as the 4K sets do. But thats just me.
I think it looks uglier then hell if you ask me. From the side Sony's tv's look like a big wedge. Sorry but I hate the 2014 designs.
My picks Pats over Denver in a very close game and Seattle over the 49ers. Indeed its gonna be an awesome Sunday for football.
Sad that its coming to end on Jan 20th and yes it will be back but I just wish Fox would make the series longer. Its one of my favorites.
My wife and I have caught all 3 series of The American Horror Stories and we both agreed that Coven so far is the best of the 3 so far. To bad the season is going to start wrapping up with next weeks episode.
I caught the first 3 episodes of Helix and to me it was a let down. I thought the acting wasn't very good and I have seen this story line before in the movie "The Crazies" starring Tim Olyphant. I was excited at first by the commercials leading up to Helix but after watching it? What a let down.
UFO, being that I am a loyal Sony supporter I cant believe I am going to say this.......but you are right on with your post. Everything you said was right on and again this is coming from a guy who has been a loyal Sony supporter for years! 2014 sets that are a down grade right on par with the 2013 sets makes no sense at all to me. On top of that I don't care at all for the new designs of the Sony TV's which seem to me have gotton fatter being that they seem to be trying...
Well Radio it may be that I have the 46inch version of the HX850 and not the 55inch. The bigger the screen the harder it is to make it uniform across the board hence the flash lighting and clouding. I have read and heard that the bigger the screen the more chances of clouding/flashlighting and banding. Oh and yes the backlight setting is set a zero per the pro calibration I had done a month ago. But even at its highest setting there was no hint of clouding or flashlighting.
First I NEVER said there were no HX850's that didn't have clouding/flashlighting issues and YES I read the owners threads which I am apart of the HX850 thread so I have read about those issues. All I said was mine didn't have those problems. That being said Panasonic should have stayed with Plasma because that's what they are good at but they decided not to. Who knows maybe Panasonic's LED tv will be good and maybe not. We shall see.
Radio81 not every Edge Lit tv is bad and has Flashlighting or clouding. Case in point my Sony HX850. I have zero flashlighting or clouding so I am a pretty happy camper there.
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