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If your happy with your XBR4 canuck then why upgrade? Yea the W900 is an upgrade but if you love your XBR4 and its doing its job then I would hold onto it. The XBR4 was and still is a beautiful tv in my book.
I would personally go for the HX950. But that's just me.
I got a recommendation and that is try and find the Sony HX850. Its an awesome LED/3D tv and you may still be able to find it online. If not then go for its replacement the W900A.
Well said chi_guy. I think when a person hear's the "refurbished" word they automatically think the worst when it fact it could be a better unit then they originally had.
You had it for only 2 weeks and it turned out like that? Wow. I would demand an XBR set plain and simple no questions asked.
Holy crap! That is bad. Hopefully Sony comes through and gets you a replacement. That's unacceptable for an XBR model.
I am with you YOTR. My HX850 will be my main tv for another 3 to 4 years until OLED stabilizes or until 4K works its kinks out. Heck my tv will be my main tv for maybe even longer with the way things are going. Guess I love I love my tv to much.
Sorry buddy but I have never used it on my HX750 or my current HX850. Sorry cant help.
Well got my S5100 up and running. Simple setup across the board and it did 2 fast updates. Played one of my Blu ray demo disc's on it and man is this player quiet! I couldn't even hear it running so that's a vast improvement over the S590 that died on me. Quick access to the internet apps were fast to so yet another improvement over the S590. I am already loving this new Sony player and I haven't even watched a movie yet on it but that will be done shortly. Didn't think I...
Jon I was told the very same thing. Your only allowed 1 DVR right now. I am pissed about that. I was also told your not allowed an older non X1 box either because if you switch out then the whole house has to have the older boxes as well. Again that's a bunch of B.S if you ask me. But as I have said before I would rather have Xfinity/Comcast then Directv. We had horrible experiences with them and I wont get into that.
New Posts  All Forums: