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I agree with you Bill about the gloss screen making colors more vibrant on the W9 and I think your seeing richer colors on your 850 due to your settings, I could be wrong on that. But the Deep Black Panel on the W9 makes a world of difference. But that being said both sets are almost even and are both very good with size being in the 850's favor.
Ty's settings are a good starting point but you may need to do some tweaking of the settings depending on where your tv is located, living room, bed room ect.
Well first and for most I dumped the Cnet settings and went back to my calibrated settings. Second I have Power Saving set to low and my Light Sensor is set to on due to during the day the room its in is bright even with the shades pulled. I see no difference in PQ with either set to on or off. Its all a matter of personal preference and what looks good to your eye's. There is no right or wrong but I will say this and I learned this over the last 2 days and that is nothing...
Damn Whitesands you take some darn good photos of your tv in action!
Looks as though Amazon is sold out but Sony should have more in soon. Sorry to say stock on the W9 is drying up fast and its up in the air on whether Sony will indeed keep them on the market through 2014 even though they said they would.
Thanks for the link you posted and I checked it out. You are right and I see what you mean. And heres another thing I found out and that is for some reason the Pendlebury settings just dont seem right. I dont know what it is but the colors just dont seem right. Colors seem over saturated and now blacks seem to be too black, crushed if you will. I am also looseing shadow detail in some scenes. So what I am going to do is go back to my calibrated settings which thank god I...
That's were I now have mine wth. ACE set to low.
Ok here's an update. The guy who calibrated my set just left so I thought I would let others know what he said and thought of the Pendlebury settings. He liked them but the only thing he suggested is to turn off the Light Senor! I gave him the whole speel about it saving me money electric bill wise and how it prolongs the life of the tv and he said that was all hogwash! He said if I want to save money on the power bill just leave the Power Saving on Low but the Light...
I called the guy who calibrated my tv and he is going to come over tomorrow and take a look at my tv to tell me what he thinks. I respect and trust his views and if he says its not right then he will re-do the settings for me at no charge. I will let everyone know what happens.
So because I have never owned a Plasma tv your calling me clueless? Forget it I wont even respond to an idiotic statement like that, I wont even waste my time because all it starts is a LCD vs Plasma debate and that's been gone over a million times. But its time to let it go. Plasma is done and its time to get over it.
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