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If I purchased my E300 from Accessories4Less (authorized Denon reseller/refurbisher), am I allowed to contact support at any numbers on this page? http://usa.denon.com/us/ContactUs/Pages/ContactUs.aspxWas going to contact them about my issue on the previous page:
Any idea why the Airplay would be acting up?Edit:Hooked an optical cable from the AVR to the cable box. Changed the audio source setting on the cable box from HDMI to Dolby Digital (only other option is PCM), input select on the AVR and changed cable/sat to optical - getting sound. Still receiving the same issues as before. Unplugged the HDMI cables from the receiver and powered the devices off for 10 minutes but the issue still persists. Besides the no video/flicking...
Really baffling problem with my E300. Everything was working fine for about two weeks after I have it set up. Now I get flicking/no video problems while watching TV and no video when I Airplay. For example, sometimes when I turn on my TV/DVR (Time Warner Scientific Atlanta box), the picture comes up for about a second, blinks off, blinks to static, blinks back to the tv, and will just keep doing this. If I flip to another input, then back to the TV input, it works. Right...
So pretty much my only option is fiddling with motion blur, otherwise it is all on them?
Can anybody help explain what could cause the following picture behavior see below? I've struggled with this ever since I've been on Time Warner. I've tried exchanging DVR units and the signal quality has been vetted by several TW technicians. This issue almost always occurs when the items on the TV are moving quickly and I would say about 90% of the time the picture is great. I've also tried forcing the TV into just 720p or just 1080i but no luck. Besides the...
Are you just talking about noise in general?
Here is the artificating I was talking about a few pages ago. This pictures were taken during slightly fast moving scenes, but I've it happen on slightly slower scenes. Is this the cable provider's fault or something else? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Aren't the noise settings (mpeg setting and the other one) the most deterimental to the picture overall though?
I'm away from my TV this weekend, but I want to say all HD channels I watch. I don't watch SD.
I haven't identified if this is just out Time Warner cable or if it is a setting on the TV, but I feel like there is "static" in the background. If static doesn't nail down the description, it just looks like tiny little dots that are noticeable from 6-7 feet away. What settings would most affect noise/static? This is the DVR that our cable comes into: http://www.gearbits.com/archives/200...ic_atla_1.html
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