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Anyone know what the PKG1.321AAA firmware update changed?
I have looked everywhere and found it.In main menu, settings, display and sound. Auto Display Area. I turned it off!WORKED. WOOHOOO THANK YOU!
Anyone connect a PC or MAC to the TV? Do you notice you loose the outer ages. In windows you can change the Quantization Range from limited to full. On Mac there is no such setting... Any ideas why our TV does this?
bump anyone? I have 1 day left to decide to keep my hx850 or return it and wait for the new 9 series
Any new info?
I'm getting the same issue. I tried updating the firmware and that didn't help.Worse part is if you cancel it while doing the update NONE of the apps work and you have to reacquire the update.I'm not happy with this TV to be honest, the menu is so SLOW!!
Nope, I thought the HX950 was the new version of the HX929 which was full lit display. If it's Edge that is coming out soon, screw it i'll stick with the HX850
I don't see what's so bad with Edge lit.Only thing I didnt like with the HX850 is the Sony logo is not lit! that's a big let down. My first Sony TV with out the Sony illuminated.
What do you think of the 55'' HX850?I could get a good price on that set.
Thank you 8mile13! The link cleared up a few things.I personally want to stick with Sony. Every TV I've had was a Sony and I've never had a problem.I can't wait a year, I need something within the next 30-60 days.
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