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Thanks for the explanation guys. I guess I always had it in my mind that you'd ideally have to have both AC and Heat at the same time in different parts of the house, but maybe not... That simplifies things.
Hey Chinadog. I've got a very basic HVAC question i hope you don't mind i ask here. Does adding another Zone allow you to have AC to cool your theater in the winter while the rest of your house gets heat at the same time? I haven't been able to figure that part out. I would think you would need a whole separate AC system to do that. If so, what's the benefit of just adding another zone?
Thank you DYIHomeTheater. Those are some good points to remember. I'm still trying visualize what you mean by putting up DW+GG before ductwork and plumbing. If the ductwork and plumbing are for the rooms above, wouldn't you want to keep those outside your DW+GG perimeter?
Jautor, Rabident, Thank you both for taking the time to write such helpful answers! I just got back from looking at tile/flooring with my wife and i think i want to quit now... lol. I can tell this is going to be a LONG and painful process.. I think you've convinced me to see about dropping the entire theater area to 10' now and also see how much width i can take it past 15-16' I'll also look into adding a second HVAC for the basement. SierraMikeBravo above said the...
Jautor thanks so much for the reply! I totally love your theater and would love to make mine as awesome looking as yours. You mentioned your specs being 16ft wide.. is that before sheetrock/soundproofing etc? or 16' currently? How much room do i loose post-finish work? As for bribing Big with snow, if it will work I'd love to get him out here when the time comes lol,
Thanks Big, I have been reading tons over the last year and do understand all the planning that needs to go into soundproofing etc when i start planning the construction of the theater, but I can't start that work till after the house is built and moved in etc.. ( and probably after the rest of the basement is finished according to my wife lol =).. I'm mostly worried right now about the raw dimensions of my theater and floor as that will affect some concrete wall...
Hello fellow enthusiasts, i'm working on building our new home (yay!) with a dedicated space in the basement for a theater. I'm still in the design phase of the house and don't expect to actually start my actual theater build for another year, but i don't want to miss anything that I should have done during construction of the house now that could help me later on, particularly in theater dimensions. I've tried searching, but i didn't find if there was a "perfect" size...
Thanks again for the advice guys. I'm pretty sure my wife will go for the extension to make the laundry/pantry room (uh hem... theater room) 16'x28'. I just need to remind her that bigger is always better =)... I think ideally I would like 2 rows of seating with a bar and chairs/stools behind the second row. Do i have enough depth for this along with a screen wall and stage? Am I right in hearing that I should just get the 9' un-obstructed ceilings throughout the...
oh, and yes that price does extend the pantry/laundry room upstairs further into the garage area so that is finished cost for that floor too.
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