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Guys, I need some advise about my BH200. I've noticed that my player sometimes shuts down whilst playing a disc - -whether it's BD, HD DVD or standard DVD. I'm thinking of doing a factory reset, but worried that doing this might erase the driver update and firmware that allows my player to be region free. Anyone help with this? Thanks.
I have an imported LG BH200. I've had it for some time and recently come across a small problem. The problem being it doesn't seem to want to download new firmware updates. My player is currently on SW Version: BH02100330A. It checks for updates and has found one - BH02100401A. I press OK to download the new update and I then get a message saying "Download in progress". The front panel display says "Download". I then get a message saying "Download is complete. Do...
I'm using PC - Windows Vista. Will try Sony Pro. Cheers.
I have a Sony HDR-XR105E camcorder and would like to know to film/edit to create time-lapse footage. I know I can't record in time-lapse because the Sony HDR-XR105 doesn't have a time-lapse function, so is there any movie editing software that allows me to take my recorded footage and make it time-lapse? Thanks.
Same thing's just happened to me. Bit confusing, but won't lose sleep over it. Does anyone know what the new firmware features or fixes?
LG aren't exactly quick getting out new firmware update, are they? Last one must have been about a year ago and there's been nothing since.
Anyone know when the next firmware update is due and what will be new or what will be resolved from problems with the current firmware?
Anyone know when the news firmware update is due and what will be new with it?
Thanks for the info. As far as the BD Live, I'm not using any kind of flash or USB - I'm just putting in the disc and selecting BD Live from the disc menu. I've got a friend with a UK PS3, so I'll take your suggestion and try my BD Live discs in him machine and see if I have any luck there. As for the player going into the update mode when I try to navigate the BD Flash Clear, I'll have to email JG Technical support and see what they say. Would be interesting to see if...
I've noticed something a bit strange with my player. I'm in the UK and have my BH200 set to play Region B BD discs (set via the EEPROM hidden menu). I'm trying the access the BD Live function on the 2-disc special edition of Casino Royale (imported from France), but I get a message saying something about there not being enough space on the player and that I need to delete some files - even though I know the player's drive is empty. But that's not the only issue I've...
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