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I might have missed it, but what are the final specs on these flat packs?
I am running 2 Martycubes on one 3000DSP, in stereo mode, DI 18 D4s wired for 2 ohms, and have never had any issues or shutdowns. I don't always listen at reference levels for long periods, but I have gone past reference a couple of times when I was just showing off with friends. I should add that I ran reference for about half of the Police Concert Blu Ray and about twenty minutes of the Eagles Farewell Tour. Amp was not even running hot.
Yep, can't live without my darbee.
The stonehenge is gong to be so popular, I bet it's going be just as "elusive" as a certain other DIYSG offering
I delivered the four cubes to my friend's place last night and helped him with some basic setup. He has an Anthem Receiver too so we ran ARC and my gawd did that those Cubes kick like a mofo!!! My friend is totally blown away and he hasn't stopped boasting that he finally has more "bass" than I do. His room is about a third smaller than mine and with four cubes it's devastating. His boasts will be short-lived however, since I currently have one full Marty variant and...
I suspect they are much more popular than they appear. I have just finished building two for myself (although I didn't post any pictures--I figured we didn't need another Cube build thread) and four more for a friend. I also have some other friends who are currently building at least 8 more cubes who are not AVS members. So yeh, LTD has started something very special. I haven't had a chance to put them through their paces yet but hopefully that will be soon. Oh, and...
As usual, awesome stuff Erich!!
Looks great Erich!!!! What are the dimensions?
I thought the 1099 was Tux's latest creation. Is there a newer one?
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