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I never changed the settings on my XBR8 too much from their out of the box settings. Can someone tell me the best settings for HDTV broadcast and for gaming? I am trying to get the picture to look as colorful and lifelike as possible for the HDTV. For gaming I'm trying to get a crystal clear, noise free picture without blurring or ghosting. (I have a PS3 and 360. HDMI for PS3, Component for 360)
I forgot which motion enhancer was on but I'm sure it wasn't Smooth. And I also had DRC on. It just that when a character moved you could kind of see the frames of their motion and this looked like a blur to me.
just finished watching Harry potter and the sorcerers stone on blu-Ray in 1080/24p HD and I noticed a lot of motion blur. It is more noticable in darker scenes than brighter ones but it is still very noticable. I was playing the movie via PS3. What settings should I set my TV to so there won't be any motion blur.
Just wondering, is a stereoscopic 3D game like Avatar playable in 3D on a set like the XBR8?
Thx. I think I'll wait till summer to decide.
I need a pair of sound isolating earphones to use with my iPhone 3GS. They don't have to have a mic, but it would be nice. I don't care about bass that much, but I really care about crystal clear live performance sound. I still have the earphones that came with my phone, so anything would be an upgrade. These are the earphones that I have been looking at: Shure SE310 Shure SE530 Shure SE 435 (not out until summer) Shure SE 535 (not out until summer) Can someone...
I never played with it off. I'm trying to not notice lag.
I know there is lag. I had to play in game mode for Mirror's Edge, but there was none in AC2.
Gaming on this TV is wonderful!! There is no noticable lag when playing AC2 in 720p with DRC on (full clarity and reality), LED on Standard and Motion Dejudder on Clear. My only concern is that I'm not sure if I should have both a coax cable and an HDMI cable outputting from my Dish Network HD box to my TV. I thought I only needed the HDMI.
Nevermnd, I fixed the issue. And by the way what are good settings for getting a very sharp and colorful picture watching an HD broadcast with a 4-5 ft viewing distance?
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