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The OP is wanting opinions on going from Axiom (which I too have experience with) to some other brands (which I too have experience with). You only agenda is to search out Axiom related threads and add only positive comments for hits on google and else where. You are a shill when the only thing you do is Axiom only threads, to counter someones opinion. You are also just as guilty as pushing your favorites in everything you post in. You can't go one post without...
TAM do you do anything on AVS, Audioholics and HTS but shill Axiom products? I see you were accused of having an agenda over at HTS as well. Funny I wouldn't call the V2 long obsolete and not comparable, seems some on the Axiom forum think they are "similarly good". I also think its great that HTS has a discussion about $3000 towers and the $798 Arx A5 is mentioned multiple times. Guess the Arx A5 and Axiom M100 is "similarly good" so why paid $2000 more for the...
I owned Axiom M22 V2s, Axiom VP150 V2 and two pair of Axiom M2 V2 and sold them all for my current Arx setup and i'm completely satisfied. IMO Axiom isn't even in the same league at Arx for quality and sound. I pulled the drivers from a Axiom M22 and compared it to the Arx A1 bookshelf driver. Both are listed as 5.25" woofers. Axiom is on the left and Arx on the right. The Axiom is also quite a bit more.
Cool looks like a nice box for the Exodus Shiva X2 I got laying around.
I agree which is why I sold my more expensive Axioms and went with a system that was cheaper than the Axioms and sounded better and better built overall.
Yeah you just bumped a thread from over 2yrs ago.
The M80s only design goal was MORE LOUDER. Its gimmicky too, not quite as much as those Wavetouch speakers but I highly doubt they will get any respect. They've been brought up on the forums before as snakeoil BS. They don't get any praise around the forums and its not like we are bowing down to there sheer awesomeness.If your tweeter can't play loud enough for your design goal, then its times to develop a new tweeter. Same goes for the mids, you want louder you don't...
If the M80 is a great design we would see many more companies following that design. The tweeters and mids are spaced too far from one another. A MTTM design would be alittle better but ideally a MTM WW is the way to go. Which is what you see a majority of tower speakers or TM top. Harman is one of the top loudspeaker designers around and have a extensive R&D center and the common theme is tweeter and mids squeezed as close together as possible.
Yeah i would go for the Paradigms. The dual tweeters and dual mids just cause issues. Many quality speakers get by with one quality tweeter not two low end tweeters.
Exactly what I did. I went from Axiom M22s and VP150 to Arx fronts and now surrounds and couldn't be happier. Better dynamics, better highs and much more transparent sound compared to the compressed sound of the Axioms. Oh and they are cheaper than comparable Axioms with better components and cabinets. The Axioms was probably some of the least transparent speakers I've owned.Preferences are completely subjective especially if you've never taken time to experience a...
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