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They do sound great. Fits the OP's budget, I paid about $850 after shipping for the A5.
Kind of like how upset they got when I posted my subjective opinion of the Arx A1 and A2 against the Axiom M22, M2 and VP150? Everything from sound, build quality, crossovers, drivers ect and even with pictures and they was still upset. They even get so upset they dig up threads from a year ago to complain about my driver comparison photos.I bet if he ordered a set of Arx A1b and compared them for a few weeks against his M2s and M3s he would probably switch out his main...
There isn't anything special about the Ascends to pick those over the Arx. Its been a toss up from owners who have listened to both the Ascend speakers and Arx speakers. Have you listened to both Ascend and Arx? The Arx competes well with the Ascend speakers and they come in slightly cheaper as well.
DBT over on the Axiom forum has shown that its hard to tell apart and M22 with subwoofer and M80 tower. I ran M22 and SVS subwoofers so I have a pretty good idea of the Axiom sound as well as the M2 and VP150 and this was all side by side with various other brands with Arx amongst them.You own a sat and subwoofer setup and no towers right? So why are you interested in M80s vs A5s? You haven't even heard a single Arx model but yet challenging my post. If anyone out...
No way are they overkill! I'm running vertical A2s as surrounds and it sounds great but probably overkill But this is AVS the very definition of overkill jnordi over at the TAI forum runs A5s across the front and almost went with A5s all around with PSA subwoofers.
I think start out with the A1b's and then move them to the sides once the A2 arrives and use that as the center and vertical fronts and then add more A1b for rears and height and another set of A2 for wides. Using those Dayton 18s I would want something alittle larger than the A1b for mains after you have everything finished. The A2 would be a perfect fit for an AT screen 3 MTM LCRs across the front would give a seamless soundstage and the A2 vertical have a pretty...
I'd like to read what you thought about them, good or bad. I haven't heard the Sierra tower so I can't challenge your subjective opinion like someone else does, even though they haven't heard a speaker.
M22 and subwoofer is the same as the M80s right? That is what I read constantly over at the Axiom forum. You have nothing to base anything on, I'll ask again how about you gain some actual knowledge of whats out there instead of just searching out for Axiom hits? Not sure what you doing in the Arx owners thread since you have ZERO intention of buying speakers across the border. You've made that very clear that shipping across borders and purchasing ID (Axiom not...
Arx A1b definitely deserves consideration. http://www.theaudioinsider.com/manufacturers.php?mPath=13 Great performing bookshelf and I actually demo'd the HSU bookshelf and the Arx A1 together at the same time and kept the Arx A1. $299 plus shipping is a pretty good deal.
Never knew you had an interest in Arx speakers here in the Arx Owners thread?Subjective views are far from being irrelevant unless of course you don't like the view point. I guess its only relevant if it jives with your view point?
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