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WillaimZX11 - I am interested in your opinion - how do you think it should work?
All - I have set-up post #2 to serve as an index for finding infromation on this subject. I know that sometimes as threads grow they can become unwieldy so this should make it easy to find info as it is added over time. In the future, if you have been away for awhile it might be useful for you to check post #2 so that you can conveniently find what information has been added. Please continue to add references and I will update the index - thanks!
arnyk - I guess I can understnad their position for wanting to protect their work. Do you know if back issues are available or is there a source of reprints?
All - please read the first post regarding the purpose of this thread. I was hoping that it would not become a continuation of the other thread and would serve a very useful purpose as a source of information. Thank you.
I think this thread will be more useful to future users if your posts prresent your arguement for why you beleive that there are no audible differences in the sound of CD players (assuming the player is properly constructed and not modified to sound different). If any of you feel that my provisios mentioned here are insufficient then by all means state what you feel should be said, rather than attacking me.
On the contrary WilliamZX11. I think that disagreement and discussion can be productive. But there are some people who have been exposed to your position and simply disagree. Should they not be able to have a dialogue without having the thread hi-jacked?
Veda - do the phillips players play FLAC files? I didn't think they did.
I am not absolutely certain, but I think that the Marantz SA-8003 may also meet this criteria. HDCD? Don't overlook the forum sponsor AVS, they have provided very good pricing to me in the past.
mcnarus - I am ready to move on. If you would prefer to cite the reference to Matrix Hi fi, introduce it however you wish and provide a link please do so.
I thought that this thread was getting off to a pretty good start, with arnyk citing a couple more references. Why not continue with his example?
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