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Sounds good. I went ahead and bought the 351. Once delivered my system will be 4 - P153's, PC351 center and Klipsch RW-12D sub with a Denon 1713 running them. Should sound pretty good compared to what I have now. The cheapo Sony satellites i have now are just too small, shallow, weak and bleh. When i crank them up, you can really tell they cant handle it. Will report back with my experience and probably some pics. Thanks for the input!
Width is not an issue. Guess i will just pay the extra $50 and get the PC351.
I ordered a couple of the P153 from Amazon today since they are only $50 each. I am trying to decide on the center. Is the PC351 worth the $50 higher price than the PC251? I realize either is going to be better than the crappy sony satellites i have now but I am trying to justify spending the extra $50 or just stick with the PC251. I had contemplated buying another P153 but it would have to lay on its side
Thanks Rengep. As of right now the ceiling will stay white. Its a hard sell to convince the wife to paint the ceiling and honestly I am not sure how much of a difference it will make. It already looks amazing. Watched a couple shows last night and it is as clear as my Samsung LED. I am beyond impressed. Now i just have to save for some better surround sound speakers
The screen is DONE!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO. Glad to finally finish it. It took a lot of patience and help from all the fine gentlemen on here(especially MM), but it was well worth it. It looks amazing. I added some extra velvet to the sides to hide the frame a little better and it really looks fantastic. Thanks to everyone for the help with this. MississippiMan, if you are ever in Northern VA, hit me up cause I owe you a large quantity of beer!!! Now for some...
OK so it sounds like my only option would be to rip 1/4" off the long trim? I do not have a table saw so the only way i would be able to accomplish this would be slow and steady with a jigsaw - not liking the sound of that. Any reason i cant just cut 45 degree miters from the outer edge and deal with the ~57.5x103.5 inner? I know that probably doesn't fit with the 16:9 standard but would be a helluva lot easier to do not to mention maintain the 3.25" trim all around...
I wish it was that easy. When i stage the trim for exactly that, 58x103, there is a 1/4" extra on each side of the long trim. Thats what i was showing in my picture. The inside 90 degree angle in the picture is the 58x103 point which as you can see leaves that extra bit past the short side. Now i am going to make an assumption that once i wrap these in velvet, that extra protruding point on each side will look stupid and like i did it wrong. And if i just do a 45...
I tend to over complicate things. All of the trim is the exact same width - 3.25" I had originally thought to just do 45 degree cuts and call it done but that would have equaled something like 37.5x103.5. I was trying to stay with the screen size recommended by MM in the beginning, 103x58, which i cant get to work out.
OK i am at a loss with this whole mitered corner trim. I have never done anything with a mitered corner before. I have done the math and made mock cardboard templates and i just cant seem to figure it out. Based on the recommendations on the first page, 103x58 is the target size which i cant seem to achieve. I am going to post my thoughts and maybe someone can tell me where i am going wrong. Screen Frame = 110x64 Screen Size = 103x58 110-103 = 7, divided by 2 = 3.5in...
Since I had the Sintra delivered, I unfortunately didn't get the trimmings. I do however have some 1/4" poplar strips that will do the trick. I will space them out and paint them black since I already have the paint. Need to wait for the wife to get home to take the screen down. Don't want to damage the paint job! I got the 3.25" Trim below
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