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Cool theater! Can you post the equipment rack pics front and back?
" In an effort to find the best home theaters to feature in AVS Forum's Home Theater of the Month, I call upon you, our members, to submit your theater—or someone else's you know to be cool—for consideration. I'm looking a combination of performance and style, not only in super-high-end, cost-no-object rooms, but also in builds of more modest means. The important thing is great performance in an appealing, dedicated space." The above is a quote from scott wilkinson's post...
Yeah choose a screen with a gain 1.0 or more but not too high since other issues come into play. Then you can go like the above poster said 130inch max. Also like toe said If it is 50% games then lag maybe an issue. If you are a hard core gamer go for the benq. Please google best gaming projector for 2012 EPSON vs benq. And you will get a link to a review done by the website projector reviews describing in detail. Good luck.
Winning the darbee would be great!..personally was planning to wait and purchase the second generation but if I win this my local COC club can use it and maybe the members will become believers would love to buy one themselves.
My 2 cents is JVC can't light up that size screen. For your scenario EPSON 6010 is the best. Good for gaming 2d,3d, movies. It is thx certified and comes with a great warranty spare bulb, and all the other accessories. If it was a smaller screen then JVC is the best.
Thanks for the advice. cant wait for my room to be finished. I was just about to post about , how come you did not add the pics with the cutie pies near the orbitshifter and here they are!. I forgot to mention when purchasing the clips and glue that, its also a good idea to purchase some IB3 clips if you want to anchor the stud walls to other walls and to use them at whatever place you think is needed. they give great stability.
Thanks, The Orbitshifter was finally my personal preference and is awesome. I had to go back and forth multiple times on AVS going through threads about the orbitshifters,submersives,captivators and the newer caps2 before making the decision. I used 7/8" 25gauge and your best bet for the cheapest price is to shop around your local hardware stores. Regarding weight distribution information and whisper clip placement before you install hat channel and drywall, you will...
This is the link for the exact cable in markertek : http://www.markertek.com/Cables/Audio-Cables/XLR-to-XLR-Cables/TecNec-Cables-Connectors/SC50XXJ-B.xhtml And this link is a discussion of various cables: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1404302/recommended-xlrs-for-catalysts-12cs
Monoprice should be fine. Very good bang for buck and build quality is good too. Occasionally and rarely i see a few people complain about some hum issue but are not sure if it is due to the cable or not. If you want something which is not as expensive as bluejean or not as cheap as monoprice go for what Mark Seaton recommends for his products http://www.markertek.com/Cables/Audi...C50XXJ-B.xhtml I used them and find them to be very good. I just got back home with...
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