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That would be a sweet setup ... as long as everything is working lol. I use XBMC on my laptop (also testing out Plex which I am less than impressed with right now), definitely better options then the Dune UIs.Honestly I am surprised more hasn't been done to try and integrate XBMC into the Dunes. Not sure if the whole Sigma/XBMC thing is a farce or not, but if Dune got it working natively it would be a huge boost IMO.
Dune Smarts are still the best 2D players out there IMO. Agreed with Mr Eric that the 3D Dunes seem to be losing ground to Mede8er. Honestly if Dune would just add support for mvc mkvs that would solve a lot of the 3D issues.
If I have a few minutes I actually wanted to test this on my tablet/laptop to see if a PQ difference is even discernible.
I know its a guess, I was saying that the music industry would come up with some ridiculous figure for how many times a files was shared and use that as part of their basis of the fine
I know it won't have to be exact, but I fail to see how the movie industry could try to impose a significant judgment on a user similar to how the music industry did (since the music industry could show theft and distribution). Not saying the movie industry won't come up with some gimmick...
I still fail to see the exact comparison to the music industry in terms of the way/size punishment is handled. Punishment by the music industry was based on the user illegally obtaining copyright material, with the kicker being they were torrenting (so you can say x# of sales were lost). This does not apply to DVDfab, etc... if you are just simply talking about downloading software
58in Panny plasma.
I was actually watching some of the older episodes of Supernatural that I had encoded @ 1080p from my Blu Ray discs, and was amazed at how much superior the PQ is to the 1080p Digital downloads I have gotten.
My point being the record industry went with the approach that the user a) downloaded illegal/unauthorized content and/or b) shared those files leading to revenue loss. This would seem to be a different approach versus just downloading a program
How would media companies hit the end users in this case, they would have to prove the person was actually using the software to break the encryption?
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