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Rip on my PC, copy over to my server when done.
? I have all the seasons, but I think with Fringe I got those episodes recording via Cablecard to my PC
So you have TV show discs where each episode is not a separate playlist, it is all part of one big playlist or file? That is odd, as any TV Show disc I have I could easily separate the episodes using MakeMKV, Clown_BD, etc.... The only challenge was after ripping determining which episode is which so you can name the file correctly. Now granted, I prefer to encode my tv shows just b/c they would take up a massive amount of space on my server given how many episodes I have...
^ That would be the main problem.The only other thing would be any changes in bd-live/java which I could see messing up the Dunes for full disc rips if not updated. Hopefully folks here who play back full disc rips can comment
I would expect issues based on what I have heard from a few people, although I am not sure if the issues are the same when using the physical disk (with protection) vs. an unprotected full copy.
I have 20 hard drives in my server. Depending on the size of your collection you will need multiple hard drives if you archive everything.
That would be a sweet setup ... as long as everything is working lol. I use XBMC on my laptop (also testing out Plex which I am less than impressed with right now), definitely better options then the Dune UIs.Honestly I am surprised more hasn't been done to try and integrate XBMC into the Dunes. Not sure if the whole Sigma/XBMC thing is a farce or not, but if Dune got it working natively it would be a huge boost IMO.
Dune Smarts are still the best 2D players out there IMO. Agreed with Mr Eric that the 3D Dunes seem to be losing ground to Mede8er. Honestly if Dune would just add support for mvc mkvs that would solve a lot of the 3D issues.
If I have a few minutes I actually wanted to test this on my tablet/laptop to see if a PQ difference is even discernible.
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