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Yeah, lowering the crossover did not make much of a difference. When I hooked up my ipod directly to the subwoofer, bypassing the receiver I was able to get ALOT more bass. I used a 3.5mm to RCA for testing purposes. Like I said, I am using the onboard optical SPDIF connector on the motherboard, and am debating purchasing an aftermarket soundcard. Can anyone offer more insight? I had read in a few different topics that some people were complaining about weak bass...
The crossover setting on the receiver was at 100hz, I have lowered it.to 80hz and I will report back on the difference tomorrow.
Hey there everybody, I am very excited to let you know that I have finally purchased a set of audiophile quality surround speakers. I had the chance to listen to a pair of Monitor Audio speakers at a local audio shop and I was blown away. I started looking around online for someone selling them second hand, hoping for a good deal. I came across a set on Craigslist which appeared to be in brand new condition. I contacted the seller and arranged a meeting, needless to say...
So I was bored today, and I started looking around the house for cool stuff that might be lying around and I dug out some vintage Pyramid speakers made by Dick Sequerra. I found two Pyramid Metronome 7's and two Pyramid T9 speakers. Did a little google searching on them, and apparently they are great speakers. Haven't had a chance to hook them up yet, but I'm not a real audiophile so I may not pick up right away on how good they really are. Any opinions?
What I currently have: 2x Klipsch F1 Front Towers Klipsch C-1 Center Klipsch KSW-10 Woofer 2x JBL Rears Yamaha RX-V861 Receiver I am looking to either sell the 3x Klipsch + Subwoofer and throw a few hundred on top and upgrade my whole setup, or replace the rears/subwoofer possibly the center. I have watched many movies using this setup, and although I feel it they do a good job I know that it could sound a whole lot better. As far as music goes, I really...
Hmm, it might not be on sale there anymore. The thing is they don't sell NEC anywhere in town, just online from stores like Macmall or buy.com and it would be a hassle to return to them.
Alright, so let me start out by saying that I have previously owned the Samsung UN55C6300 but had to return it for 2 reasons. The first is the flashlighting issue having to do with the screen uniformity, and the second is I needed money to pay for a car. That being said, I am again looking to pick up a TV and the samsung is on sale @ Sams' Club for $899. I am also looking at the NEC V461, although there is not much information on it out there, it can be had New at MacMall...
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