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Yes, it happens. I called Vizio and they had me do a reset and that fixed it. It's been a year with no further issues.
I've had my E70 since January '13 and my E60 since October '12 with no picture problems at all. Take some of this with a grain of salt, some of these guys have sent back 5 or 6 sets searching for whatever the next set might bring. When you get your set stay off the forums for 30 days and allow the poor thing time to burn in. There are people here who love nothing more than ruining your experience if they possibly can. If you're on your second set and thinking about a third...
My 60 and 70 turned themselves back on after a power outage. The 70 did it twice that night . Always exciting to see that flickering glow down the hall at 4 in the morning.
If sync has become an issue again you might try the original solution from the bad old days and change your audio output to LPCM on your cable box. That solved the problem for most early users until it was cured by the 1.15 update.
No, no changes. I use them on both my E60 and E70 with great results. I will say the E60 has a better picture overall than the 70. I've never been able to achieve the "startling' clarity of the 60 on the 70. With good input the 60 is almost 3D in it's clarity but guess which one I watch the most? If you guessed 70 you would be correct.
You should either take it back and get a Sharp or something or do a reset.
Fuzzy isn't really an accurate description, I think 'smooth edges' is more what I was going for. I like every detail in bright clarity, every hair on someone's head kind of thing.
I tried the settings out and it's a bit dark and fuzzy for my tastes, Frankly, it reminds me of the picture on a high quality CRT from the 90s.
There's no doubt the boot screen has been darkened, probably to alleviate complaints about uneven lighting. How may sets in this thread have been returned because of nervous noobs worried about bleed, etc.?
Things I've noticed:Initial Vizio logo darkerFaster boot.Stronger wifiQuicker, smoother VIA appsM-Go activatedSkypeThat's all I can think of...
New Posts  All Forums: