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I heard that Sky 3D went dark (not too long ago I finished a lot of on-air 3DS graphics for them.)Currently working on 3DS broadcast graphics packages for other European, and Japanese and Chinese channels ... someone must be planning on broadcasting 3D?
Difficult and expensive.NTM it's live - they don't get a second take to get the 3D right. There is a company that specializes in shooting 3DS live and they are great at it (each camera's 3DS signal goes through a computer station where most of the 3DS parameters of the camera and 3DS rig are controlled, the station operator views the 3DS realtime and makes corrections on the fly), but ESPN could never afford them and tried to do it on their own.
The Ascend/Rhythmik setup you listed is a very, very solid choice Enjoy!
I'm not surprised ... ESPN got in too soon and their implementation was awful - bad (headache inducing) 3DS, low res (720p over-under or side-by-side), etc. The Olympics 3D was the same - unwatchable. Many thought the sports market would help drive 3D but it ended up not being the case (except for Soccer which is not popular in the US). Slow adoption of 3DTV's in homes is a mostly a US issue, and a bit of a chicken-egg problem. Not enough broadcast or streaming 3DS...
Mac has no "consumer" 3D Stereo support. A lot of 3D Stereo content for films is created on both Mac's and PC's. It's worth noting that most "workstation" class PC's also have no support for consumer 3D Stereo either.(For film titles/VFX/DI artists consumer 3D Stereo support is useless as all the consumer formats are massively compressed. Our work is done in uncompressed, expanded color spaces, usually some form of camera native "log" color space - i.e. most digital...
+1 Both are very good.The next sweet spot for subs is the $650 range.
What stands are you using for the LR mains? Very simple and clean.
I auditioned the Q300 with a 1713 and there was no issue - the 1713 could easily run the Q300's louder than was comfortable to listen to. I imagine the same would be true for the MA RX2's. Those are both good speaker sets - either choice is good
Your house is on a hill?
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