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Their sound is essentially identical, kept the Q100s because ...- I didn't need the little extra volume the Q300's offer- The slightly smaller physical size looked better in my space- I eventually plan to get matching surrounds, so again the smaller size was a plusIf you like music listening without a sub the Q300 is the better choice (it digs a little lower). I always listen to music with a sub and the Q100 is fine.+1
Well stated opposing opinions are part of the fun
That's a nice price on the Q700 pair and Q600c. The accessories4less price is $1570, the Kefdirect price is $2100. I'm not familiar with the JBL speakers you mention so I can't offer a comparison.
I also ran KEF Q300's on a Denon 1713 for about three weeks with no issues. (Auditioned both the Q300 and Q100, ended up keeping the Q100.)
^^^ +1. The OP could even use the best speakers from his current HTIB (probably the LR mains) as surrounds until he can get better, matching surrounds later.
I have a pair of S30's. IMO the S30's sound is just bit forward and crisp but not particularly bright or edgy, unless you push it too loud. It's forte is a clean and balanced (and surprisingly full range for it's size) sound at medium and lower volumes. Perfect for a bedroom system, which is where I use it I also have KEF 100's in the living room HT and really, really like them. But, I must admit I'm somewhat confused by the OP's preferences/comments re the sound...
I respectively disagree - IMO the single most important speaker in the room is how your speakers work together. This is especially true for the front three (LCR) speakers - the goal shouldn't be the best center speaker you can afford but the best front sound stage you can afford. (Every A-List mixing bay for movies uses three identical speakers LCR across the front, most use identical speakers all the way around.)You want as close a timbre/sound-signature match as you...
The Q100 would be fine in your setup. I've run the Q100 with a Denon 1713 and sensitivity/volume was never a problem. Re a center ... both a third Q100 on it's side and the Q200c horizontal center are 7.25" tall if you want to check if you have enough room. The Q300 on it's side and it's matching horizontal center, the Q600c, are 8.1" tall.
B&W 600 series can often be found used at places like Audiogon
Of the flat-on-wall speakers I've heard it was the best sounding A bit on the pricey side, but whenever you look for a higher quality satellite or flat-on-wall you always pay a little more.
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