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+1 (Also, check the B-Stock availability on the Ascend website - could save you money, or let you bump up to 170's for surrounds.)
So long as you angle/tilt the speakers so the tweeters are in line with the height of the listeners heads it will be fine.
Cambridge Audio. S30 pair LR mains S50 center S20 pair surrounds $570 total There are a couple $120 subs occasionally recommended in the forum as an ok "starter" sub which would bring the total to just $690. This would sound radically better than the Energy sets (for both HT and music). The 5.0 speakers are good enough quality that you could upgrade the sub later without also needing to upgrade the speakers. This could be a system you'd be happy with for a long time.
I would recommend the NHT over the Polk.
+1 The Athony Gallo Strada's sound excellent, and an accurate, detailed sub like the SVS SB12-NSD would be perfect with them.
Congrats on the great used deal on the R500's! Actually it looks like the drivers for the R500's and the R200's are identical - the R200c will probably be an excellent match. I wouldn't worry about dipoles for surrounds. If your listening is primarily stereo music and HT/TV you can probably get away with Q series speakers as surrounds (Q100 or Q300). If you listen to a lot of surround music/concerts you should probably stick with an R series speaker for surround (R100?).
With that budget (and not planning on a sub) you'd likely be better off getting two bookshelf speakers as LF mains. In my bedroom I'm currently using a pair of Cambridge Audio S30's ($220 a pair). They play well at medium to low volume and have enough low-end to give a nice full sound - for both HT/TV and music. The Pioneer SP-BS22-LR bookshelf speaker goes for about $130 a pair and are worth considering (you can often find them on sale for $100 a pair). All the...
+1 I've always thought the Silver/RX series was a sweet spot in the Monitor Audio line up.
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