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+1 the Cambridge Audio S30's for $220.
+1 - the KEF Q300 - Monitor Audio RX-1 - if you can bump your budget to the $850 range several nicer options are available. (Though for strictly music listening, at medium volumes, the Q300 and RX-1 are pretty dxxx good.) FWIW, the KEF Q300 are only $500 a pair at http://www.accessories4less.com/. Theoretically they are B-stock, but many folks (including myself) on the KEF Owners thread have purchased there and the speakers were always pristine.
http://www.accessories4less.com/ has the Q200c for $350.
You will get much, much better results with the Q200c as it has a closer timbre match to the Q500's.
I was just joking of course - I actually did know the get together wouldn't be on one of the 91/710 on/off ramps
Couple more questions ... Size of the room? Seating distance from front LCR speakers?
Didn't mean to imply a "Best Buy" would have them. In my neck of the woods all the Magnolia showrooms/stores are inside a Best Buy store - hence the "Magnolia/BestBuy" phrasing.
Could be difficult to hear speaker subtleties over the cars whizzing by ...
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