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Very nice set up!
For louder listening volumes on music when working around the house set the receiver to multi-channel stereo and you'll get two speakers on each stereo channel. That's what I do now when I'm puttering around the house. Unfortunately my daughter figured this one out too Good luck!
I don't own the LS-50, but I've listened to them several times as I am seriously considering upgrading my HT to them. I invite others who own them and have spent more time with them to correct me if I mis-speak The LS0-50 cannot put out as much volume/sound as larger speakers, like the Q or R series towers. If you have a particularly large HT/living room I could see using LS-50's as being an issue, especially if you want blasting, roof-raising volume from your HT. But...
+1 Excellent points FWIW, I also +1 ...- craig john's suggestion of skipping a pre-amp/amp scenario and putting more money into speakers/subs.- craig john's suggestion of skipping towers (since you'll be using sub's anyway very good bookshelves might be a better use of budget).- the Ascend 340's speakers recommended by a couple of posters. They sound great and are very efficient (which helps eliminate the pre-amp/amp expenses).I'll stay out of the sub-woofer fray! There...
The 814V on accessories4less is a special edition of the Chorus 716V with a piano black gloss finish. Accessories4less is very upfront about this to help avoid confusion - they didn't name them The 716V line is recently discontinued. Either way - that is a very good deal on a very good speaker. (If you call accessories4less directly they may sell you a single tower. I know someone else who was able to do that - A4L had a return where one speaker was damaged and they...
To my ear the 340's would be an upgrade over the Mythos. (It's worth noting that the 340's play louder than the Sierra 1's - with your room size this is part of why I put them on my list.) But, this is a definitely a preference issue! It would be worth asking about a comparison of these two in the Ascend owners thread and the DefTech owners thread.
Jim - excellent review (again).The PB/SB-1000 is $500. The Minx X300 is $600. The SB12-NSD is $650.I'm thinking for the price (only $50-$150 more) the SB12-NSD is the way to go. (I really like the one I have now.)Hm, maybe I'll put the SB12-NSD in the bedroom with the Minx and upgrade the living room HT sub to a 15 inch-er.Jim, I may be bugging you again re recommendations for a new 15" sub
Hm, perhaps I didn't communicate clearly (or throughly) so let me clarify ...I certainly did not mean to imply a Uni-Q automatically makes for a better speaker. There are speakers with all sorts of drivers that sound fantastic! And, if you check you'll see I often recommend other speakers here in the forums.A Uni-Q driver is what "KEF" speakers have to offer and what KEF does well, hence the only KEF speakers I would recommend are the ones with the Uni-Q drivers. ...
+1 re the price.I'm a fan of KEF speakers but I would never recommend the C series - for the same price there are better options available. If you're going with KEF speakers you want something with Uni-Q drivers ... and I do recommend those ; )
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