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The problem with 4K disc is that not everyone has even abandoned DVD at this point. The market can support 2 formats but 4K is going to fail if it's competing with DVD and Blu-ray. Let Blu-ray become the standard and after DVD is phased out then bring 4K to market. All 4K is going to do is cause confusion in the market at this point. Especially if it's named with a Blu-ray branding moniker.
But I think the main reason for UHD is to sell the same content to consumers again at a new format premium. The studios have exhausted their big catalog titles for BD. No more fans crying when is Indy or any other classic catalog title coming to Blu-ray. I just don't think UHD for new releases alone is what the studios are envisioning. The problem is that few films have been scanned at 4K or higher. Not to mention the 2K DIs that have been standard for the last decade...
I know, but the reality is Wall Street has a love affair with streaming solutions companies and their counterparts. BB and Walmart have shrunk their retail space for disc. 3D although I'm a fan was an utter failure. Did they really think that market exclusives and $40 discs were going to sell? The real reality is that the vast majority of content out there is throwaway or IOW watch once and forget. This is coming from someone that owns close 600 BDs. I just can't get...
I would prefer physical too. But all the hype right now is around streaming solutions. If they take away our ability to buy titles on a disc format then I'm done spending any money on purchasing films outright. I don't think the studios are going to play nice with consumers in the long run in the cloud.
Ah the days of the Onkyo jig FW update. I never had an issue with my 805 not holding setup information after doing the jig update. Sorry I don't think I have access to any of the older FW files. At this point if it's an issue it might be time to retire the unit. Audyssey XT32 is a worthy upgrade.
I'm not saying I'm not bothered by it. I just realized after tweaking with those controls that they had side effects. It even states in the manual the loss of resolution using those controls. Agree we need better optics on units but I doubt most manufacturers are going to do that at price points that most are willing to pay.
If SDE bothers you go with an LCOS unit. The gap between pixels is virtually nil. I think one reason the Sony's get dinged as soft is because you don't get that artificial sharp image because of large gap between pixels.
The other 800lb gorilla in the room is that content providers are more excited about the cloud for 4K delivery over a physical format. If 4K takes off I want a disc format otherwise I just can't get excited about it.
The large majority of people proclaiming 4K is the next big thing are usually fall into one of these categories or both: 1. They have strong ties to the CE industry and they need it to be successful for their economic survival and/or 2. They are gear heads that just can't fathom why anyone would be content with the current HD format. I am not against moving forward but the reality is that there is such little native 4K content and then factor on top their is no content...
Typically it's best to leave those controls alone unless the convergence is way off. And if it's off so much you need to rely on the controls I would think the unit is way out of spec. Those controls were put in for OCD customers that agonized about fringing when standing a foot or two from a 100-in screen. Usually those issues are cause by CA in in the optical path. IOW our projectors are typically getting standard consumer grade optics. To which makes me question...
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