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that's what we do around here on a regular basis
Yeah that's great price for the lotJust the KG4.5 are well worth way more than $120.oo hook them up & tell us how you like them
Don't feel bad I can't remember posts that I 'Made' 5 years ago either
Can you expand on those challenges ?
yeah there's a few rebuild a woofer threads , it's best to just ask & someone will have a link OR call Bob Crities he'd give ya the short story on a fixI do remember one repair thread on woofers he did
did you make a guess on the Rams schedule ? 100K for the right guess http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24527078/rams-will-give-you-100000-if-you-guess-their-2014-schedule
In the future a dent in a dust cover is just cosmetics anyway in no way does it affect the sound , unless it's smooshed all the way in & rubs then you'd fix it , but a slight dent should be left alone for fear to what has happened to Soupy now a hole &/or large dent in the cone it's self that is a big problem
a few drops of super glue should work it's very thin & runs in the surface between the duct cover & the cone (capillary action ) , CAUTION this is a NO GOING BACK fix
I'd be buying blanks & cutting my own with a dremel or drill bit for that price , I mean Jeeze it's in closet
We're ALL Biased on This Bus ! !
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