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I decided i would rather buy something ready than building one myself, as i don't have the time. so any available?
Hi I'm looking for a either a ready-made or to build a box, that will be running Windows 7, with Plex media server and client at the same time. My requirements are: - Will have both, plex server and client on it. (I have a high-end server, with ESXi (vmware) on it, and the unRAID is a virtual machine. I have enough resources (HDD, memory and CPU), where i can create a virtual machine to run Plex Media server on it. This way, i can run only the client on this new...
Hi,I just wanted to share with you guys, I have the Epson 8350, and last night, the bulb died with a loud POP sound as well. It ran for about 2500 hours.Any suggestions on where to buy the replacement bulb? is it easy to replacement myself, or better to let a professional do that?Thanks
Hi, I'm a newbie and just studying and learning it. Going through many tutorials, guides and the forums, I see that everyone recommends pulling rg6/coax to tv, or prewire it to all zones, I know that the only place where I need it is from the satellite to the sat receiver. If I'm planning to centralize the location of all my satellite receivers, then would I still need to pull those cables to all locations? From the sat receivers to the TVs, the connection to be...
Thanks cshepard and amirm for the initial feedbacks. I'm gonna let a pro do all the work, but for now, I'm trying to understand the basics actually. I see many components (AV, shades/blinds, climate, security...etc.) now, for all these different aspects to talk to each other, they need a central system. am i right? And there are various technologies brands that I'm learning (e.g. blinds by Lutron, AV by Crestron....etc.) Let's talk about shades & blinds for...
Hello I'm in the stage of designing my new home, and in few months, it will start building. I would like to know, what are the basic things to consider before the final design>? My plan is to automate as much as possible in the house, as well as i'm having a dedicated media room. I'll have a small server room, for a rack or two, as I have NAS, servers, UPS....etc. I know the question is too broad...but I'm seeking some help, and from your inputs, I'll hopefully ask...
Hello I've got a huge library of MP3s, where I'm sure some audio quality is not really good. Is there a utility/tool that can do a mass audio quality check? Thanks
Ok, I finally built a system, it's more than an HTPC, but I would like to know how to test the performance, of CPU, memory, HDD (SATA III and SSD). THanks
yah I know, but I want to get a mount. Will this work?
Hello I got my Epson 8350, and now i'm looking for a wall mount. I dont want it to hang from the ceiling, it won't work for me, so I need something that will mount to the back wall (behind my sofa). i found this, http://www.universalmounts.com.au/co..._mount_wlv.jpg does anyone know if this will work with the Epson 8350? thank you
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