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Thanks for these
I would love to see that on the 8100 Please post up some pics of the setup and how well it works.
I never get the Screen Door Effect either, and im on a 150" at 16 feet I think the 8100 does a great job of hiding any lines like that.
Well.. i am in the crowd that is willing to take the bad with the good on this one. For the $13 its selling for on amazon right now, i bought this Blu because the DVD just looks dreadful on a 150" screen.. Just too pixalated. I can play with my PJ's settings to overcome some of this discs issues, the added sharpness is welcome IMO.
For $399, you cant go wrong. I say keep it.. and if you are really wanting 1080p, pick up an HD20 and set it next to it.. best of both worlds for less than $1,400.
Wow.. Most folks try to plan a little bit before dropping that kind of coin on something.. but.. this is probably the most flexible projector for placement out right now. Im running mine on a 150" diag screen and it is beautiful.. No worried there. As for placement, you can sit the thing darn near anywhere.. the lense shift is really amazing on this PJ. You shouldn't have issues. Its a bright Projector on Living-room mode.. It combats ambient light fairly well...
Thats really a great place to be in. I too am in a similar situation with the 8100 and i went with a 150" screen. It really is like being at the theater at home at this point. Everyone really loves it, my family, the kids.. people are always wanting to come over and see it and experience it. Its just wonderful. I think that is the real take-away. With a Blu-ray movie, the resolution is now high enough to really re-create the cinema feel at home without taking a...
The 8100 is great for placement issues like yours.. i think that would be your best bet there. I have mine in a living room setting too, it is pretty bright, but i would choose a higher gain screen for certain (1.5??). As for those windows, you can have blinds made for them.. i would.. on Saturday mornings, it will be like you are in an outdoor theater! Here are some 10' room darkening roller blinds for...
anyone try this on a Epson 8100? any 3LCD at all?
Until the Cost of the glasses hit $50, its going to be hard for me to go all-in with it. I have 4 kids.. thats 6 pairs just for us.. another 4 pairs for visitors.. its just expensive. I could buy another 8100 for that.
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