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Ivan, which danley model do you feel would be a good match as a center speaker to the sbh-10? Speaking personally, would you prefer this model or something like the SM60 as a home theater speaker? Or are there too many variables to give a blanket recommendation like that? I prefer the form factor of the sbh-10 over the sm60 (and other danley models) for a home setting, but I'm just wondering if it's the best "tool" for this kind of job.Also, can you tell us what the msrp...
Just get some speakon connectors. A little bit of a pain if you're using 12awg or 10awg wire, but still really simple.
Amazon has the 3000dsp and 6000dsp for the same prices. Nu4-6000 is apparently not on sale.
At that point, I'd think you're getting pretty close to the 210t.
That slope is so slippery indeed. I remember when I first got into the hobby the thought of 3K on a whole 5.1 setup seemed the absolute most I'd ever spend. Then 4000 on lcr seemed like my max. A couple months ago I thought about upgrading to 212's and now I'm contemplating catalysts and SM60's. Jeez, when will my sickness be satisfied lol?
Did Jeff ever consider using an internal amp for the 15's? Or is that tactic just not part his method of speaker design?
I'm not aware of any number for him other than the one posted on his site and forum. That said, when I call it I get directed to a voice mail for another number. Not sure if it's his answering service or what though.
I'm sure it can get pretty maddening.
Is Mark on vacation? I've tried calling several times getting only voicemail, and it's been 3 weeks since my original email.
Fixed it for you.
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