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ok, i just checked this, and for some reason the url didnt post so lets try it again. http://replayguide.sourceforge.net/dct6412/ hopefully this works this time.
here is the url you need. sorry, i couldnt post this before. the forum wouldnt let me.
thanks to the people i have spoken toat my cable provider i have come up with what i believe is a way to get the stored shows out of the dvr. i have yet to try this but from what i hear it does work. as soon as i get the fire wire i will be trying it myself.
i have a dch6416 that is rented from the cable company. when i asked them how to do it i was told i need a software program that they do not have. i was told by the tech to go to best buy. i went there and they told me they dont have any such thing but i should be able to find it as a down load on line. i googled it before coming here and did not find anything. i posted something on here asking for help as did you. altho my model is slightly different from yours i believe...
I have a model dch6416 motarola hd dvr my cable provider told me that i need a computer program to be able to get the recorded shows off the dvr to put into the computer and then to disk. can anyone tell me what this program is and where i can get it? i checked at best buy and they said it is a program that i would need to download but i am unable to find anything.
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