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Have any of you put the MicroATX "GIGABYTE GA-E7AUM-DS2H LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 9400 HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard" inside the S16V case? I think it is worth having the extra room for future upgrades.
toslink and spidf only do DTS 5.1 they cannot handle the bandwidth of a surround HD audio signal. You must use HDMI if you want to take full advantage of HD surround sound. You have a great reciever use it to its full potential. Running video to the reciever and then to the TV should not be a problem. Your only alternative for HD surround sound is to use 7.1 analog inputs from your player to the reciever and run the HDMI video cable directly to your TV, but I would...
This paper is an interesting read!!! Jitter sensitivity "In investigating the requirements of a high-resolution audio system, it is evident that jitter performance is paramount - an area already given wide discussion in the technical literature. A bitstream code that simultaneously contains high-amplitude and high-frequency noise is susceptible to jitter - where intermodulation with timing jitter can fold signal energy into the audio band and thus compromise...
I can get these two recievers online for the same price, which one do you think is the better choice. Let me know if you have an opinion!!! Specs from Manuals: The 1908 will carry 7.1 MCPCM over HDMI (Will need PS3 or decoding Blu-ray player) The 1709 will not carry audio over HDMI (Stuck with DTS 5.1) The 1908 has 100Mhz Component The 1709 has 60MHz Component The 1908 has Audyssey Dynamic EQ The 1709 has Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Volume
I plan on building a HTPC with the new Auzentech HDMI card and a LG GGC-H20L Blu-ray player for all my blu-ray needs.
Well, I just found out that the 1709 will not do multi-channel PCM over HDMI, so I am stuck with SPDIF 5.1 DTS on this receiver. However, this receiver has the new dynamic volume. The 1908 will do multi-channel PCM over HDMI, but it will not decode DTS-HD or TrueHD. So I must have a Blu-ray player that decodes these and sends a PCM stream to the reciever. However, the 1908 does not have dynamic volume.
Two HDMI inputs will be fine. The xbox can output 1080p on component and be hooked directly to the TV, so only the cable box and a blu-ray player. So you would ditch the 1908 for the newer 1709?
All of these can be had for $350.00 or under on the internet from authorized sellers and I need the best one out of the bunch. I want to know if the Audyssey Dynamic Volume is really worth picking the 1709 over the 1908. Denon AVR-1908 Denon AVR-1709 Denon AVR-1708 Yamaha RX-V663BL Onkyo TX-SR606B
I am looking for the best receiver around $350.00. Must contain HD audio standards. Must have repeater HDMI (audio & video). Upconverison is ok but not a deal breaker. Here are some of the deals I have found so far. Let me know what you think is the best choice for the money or let me know if you have found any other deals. I am still not sure how to tell if the HDMI will output video to the TV and split the sound off to go to the speakers. Will any of these...
What full size ATX motherboard would be good for a HTPC. The case I selected is on the larger side and I don't see the point in mATX if the case is big enough for a full ATX MB, ATX PSU, and full size graphics card. From what I can tell the new 9300 IGP boards have heat issues anyway. Plus a full ATX MB allows full expandability, so what are your recommendations?? Also, can a discrete ATI card support 1080/24p?? Case: Zalman HD160 Plus
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