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Hi, Thanks again !!! I`m using a large multi-pin at the PJ itself to red-green-blue on the other end. Oh, and the menu does seem to have a blue-ish hue to it, now that I looked closer .. In the Menu, under System, shouldn`t NTSC be highlighted ? It isn`t. YUV is. Any idea what that means ? -Mike
In the Menu, System .. I see NTSC, PAL, SECAM and, for some reason .. YUV seems to be highlighted ! This doesn`t seem correct. Could this be an issue ? Incidentally, upon closer examination, it does seem that the pop-up menu IS tinted blue a bit also. What can that mean again ? All my cables are connected properly. Back to you ... thanks. -Mike
Hi I`m using DVD or Comcast TV inputs, with a switcher box connecting everything. I`ve tried to isolate by going around this switcher and trying each source independently, but still the same blue-ish color. :-( -Mike
Hi guys I appreciate your help, very much. :-) How do I do this HARD RESET from the service menu exactly ? And, no .. the menu that comes up on screen is NOT discolored at all. One thing I read in the (lame) manual from BenQ is that the System (NTSC or PAL) might be incorrect. Well, in the menu I can see these choices, but they don`t highlight and don`t respond to changes in any way. I wonder .. could that be an issue also ? The cable couldn`t have suddenly just...
Thanks for your help, Blaast. The thing is, after the warranty is over, BenQ is going to charge me a fee to help me solve this problem. :-(
Hi all First time here .. hoping someone can help me out. I have a BenQ PB6100 projector. It`s been great for 3 years, but now I`m seeing a blue hue all over the projected image, no matter what input source I use. BenQ doesn`t have any support so I thought I`d try you guys .. Does anyone know what might cause this ? (my bulb has only 900 hrs, incidentally) I appreciate any help ! :-) Thanks, Mike NH --------------------
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