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[quote=athlonfx;16915013]Day 10: Shelves & Baseboard The 120" screen (Elitescreens ezFrame R120WH1) and GOM (Ordered 12 yards of Style: Anchorage 2335, Color: 2016 Onyx) arrived today. The builder left for other work around 2. So, by the time I could wake up (I have been sleeping at 5-6 AM and getting up around 2-3 PM lately), he was done [quote] Must be nice to be getting 8 hours sleep. It's almost there. Looking nice.
Probably doing it yourself? My family room reno has been going on for 9 months now...and has been inches from being finished for three of them. And I haven't even started the theatre! lol
If only Yoda were here to nod sagely and say, "A different message, she sends you, indeed!" A TV fan whose noise pierces through walls...or does she maybe have mutant powers of insanely acute hearing?
[quote=TRT;16909703] ... What I'm implying is that as a amateur in the A/V field, you should hire a expert to setup your first system. Time will allow you to DIY in the future. By the time you figure out what you need to know from this forum, years will have passed you by. QUOTE] KRON - Welcome! And please ignore whatever was going one here...I'm not sure why you've received such a crazy response. This usually doesn't happen. People seek aid here all the time and...
Good reason to get a finger print lock. You don't help, you don't watch.
http://www.ductlesshvacsupply.com/ Is this what you mean by a mini split? So this route, in Canada, I could take the furnace ducts right out of my room?
I'm sure it's been done and successfully. I guess I'm hoping to find somewhere that better describes it. I looked on the soundproofing site and didn't see any articles specifically on that. Also a lot of people don't have -50 celsius temps in the winter, so I want to be sure any solution I take will work for our climate.
I read the dead vent article and one of the things I noticed on it was mention of simply exchanging air with the rest of the basement. "For many rooms including basement home theaters and recording studios, you may only need to consider cooling the air in the room by exchanging this air with the remainder of the basement air. Basements are obviously naturally cool all the time." So a couple questions: How do you make use of this option? And is it effective in...
If you are doing a red/cherry stain on trim + columns you should be going with something for the panels that will compliment...sorry RT, but I don't agree with blue for that. You don't have to do bright red though, you could use an earth tone, or check out some of the burgandy/wine etc. colors. You might be pleased with that.
Great job! I think this would only become an issue for those of us that have or will have a double drywall green glue sandwich on the ceiling. It may be doable if a MDF box was made in the ceiling prior to what you have done...
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