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Hi Guys I've tried searching, and can't seem to find a decent thread with anything on this... 1.) Does the Harmony 1000 have RF, or do you need the RF Extender, which then converts IR to RF? 2.) What would I need to get my lights in my media room controlled via RF from the Harmony 1000? The products available locally generally seem to be from http://www.marmitek.com/ Would I only need the following: 1.) Transmitter:...
Nope, temperature has been roughly the same each day... Sometimes the TV can be on for hours and no flashlighting.... Fortunately, it doesn't seem to happen often, but I'm scared it gets stuck on again.
What could cause intermittent flashlighting? My LCD has been flashlight free for about three weeks, turned it on last night, and the flashlighting is back with a vengeance... NOTHING has changed setting wise.
LOL - I don't have that option.
Its only when I use media center though over DVI/VGA, and is louder when whites are on the screen.... I remember reading somewhere in this thread of someone with a similar issue, just can't find it.
Question bump?
Hope not I haven't seen any negatives - and still no flashlighting, my LCD officially has no clouding what-so-ever.
When connecting to a PC (Media Center), what should the frequency be set to on the PC? When set to 60hz I get a buzzing sound from the TV during bright scenes, the same for 50hz... but it seems better at 59hz?
Can someone else please try this.... It might of been a joke, but I have not had ANY flashlighting since doing this... not even the slightest with any of the settings on the LCD - I'd be interested to hear if this solved the problem, or if its a coincidence. I'd be quite amused if it does work for some people. Here's what I did, set the Power Saving to "Off", Brightness to 100, Backlight to 10, Gamma to +3, I then watched TV for about 5/10 minutes... I then reset...
Oh - cause I did it last night - left it for five minutes - then put it back to its original settings, and the corners were barely visible? Maybe it was a mental thing.
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