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About 2 months ago we install 2 units CB IV that come with XTREME DAC and it work very well far better than CB III HD . We also send 2 more units CB III HD for upgrade to CB IV and will get back in next few days :D
Theta Digital in CES 2014 ( pictures from www.my-hiend.com )
Thanks , f212 is too small now and better to go for 2x Thor's Hammer
Quote: Originally Posted by Franin Stunning Boonyarat as always. Thanks Frank.
Thanks bencorn , The main reason that I put all stuff on floor just try to make it close together because I'm not yet have longer interconnect cable .If I provide rack at front it will be obstruct the center channel .
Thanks pcweber111.
Thanks Waboman , Concerning the MAXX 3 compare to all my previous loudspeakers it much better in all area , image ,sound stage and details .
My new update MAXX 3 & OPUS MM2.
If your question is just compare performance between ML 40 & KRELL 707 , I can tell you that KRELL 707 is far better than ML 40 both PURE ANALOG 2 CHANNEL and PROCESSOR for 7.1 HOME THEATER . Before invest KRELL 707 I had CASABLANCA III with EXTREME CARD in my system and my friend had ML 40 . Even it better but people will like or dislike is the other story .
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