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No, the conversion will not be close to the quality of an actual 3D BR.
Blackshark is the guy to ask about this, I think he said with the pro cards it is possible and that there is a frame lock feature.
Well after reading Art's review of the Optoma HD25-LV, this may be my new choice for passive 3D and will at least be moved up to second on the list behind the Epson 5010s. The 5010s will still have better blacks and more light output with a polarized setup along with a lens shift feature, but the HD25-LV is really compelling. So why the HD25-LV? Well LV stands for large venue meaning its bright, going by Art's numbers I think you could get about 2000 lumens (of the 3200...
Even though I have not seen this in person, I still agree with you completely. I know it may be possible to find some used xenon DLPs at a reasonable price, I just haven't looked long and hard enough. I do know that Wolfgang uses the newest Infitec filters on his dual Barco 4K home theater and said he only slightly prefers them to the Omega, and those cost a good bit more $$.With a $5,000 budget I would choose the 5010 polarized setup, with a $10,000 budget I would start...
You're still missing the difference between what motorman sells and polarized filters. The omega filters and polarization are two different approaches to passive 3D. When you watch a movie in RealD theaters you are using polarization, Dolby 3D uses a similar filter with the same concept of the Omega system. Polarization requires a silverscreen and does not provide the high extinction ratios that Omega offers, but also doesn't require color correction. By using certain...
No, if you POLARIZE the 5010 using half wave retarders there will be no color shifts and only about 20% light loss, you will however need a silverscreen.
No, in my original post I pointed out that these projectors would be using polarization... with the omega system you will still have unbalanced colors with the 5010 and all other projector.Thanks for testing the 5020, I also found it hard to believe they would make that change but thought it was true after another member indicated that green on his 5020 was offset at 90 degrees. Still for a dual stackI would rather save $ and get refurb 5010s.
Ron, I have read that the 5020 and 6020 went back to the 90 degree offset for green, I think this was confirmed in this thread.
With half wave retarders there will be color shifts even though the polarization is aligned?
I'm thinking of selling my Pioneer Elite theater, it is in good shape with a small chip on the sub enclosure but sound quality is as good as new. I don't have the remote, it was lost at some point during a move and was never used anyway b/c I have a harmony. Any idea what I should ask for it? They were around $1800 new but I saw that they went pretty cheap a few yrs ago.
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