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Did you also notice that the SD picture quality has improved ?
Yes they do, that is why I thought getting a little money back is better then no money back.
Me Too
I sold my WD-82737 for $800.
Update 13.04 is out
@GCL68, firmware update will come out shortly.
@AlexSh1, you'll need a stand 82" wide, 21" deep. If you go with the Pinnacle Stand (made for the 92") that one is 17" high. http://www.pinnacledesign.net/mitsu.html scroll to the bottom of the page.
@AlexSh1, you didn't say what size of TV you purchased.
Press: MENU 2470
Mitsubishi called again today. I did not have any more problems with the TV turning itself off (it happend only 2 times). I did ask him again about the update for the judder, he said they are still working on it. I also asked him about the rainbow effect. To anyone who has trouble with rainbow, do you also see it while watching Blu-Ray, DVD etc?
New Posts  All Forums: