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Thanks to all. For what I see, you think all are good, but you are inclined a little more to the NHT and DefTech. Before this post I was leanig toward the NHT, but then I hear the DefTech and like them a lot, and I like better the look they have (I read good reviews of the Aperions too). So that's what I asked for help. I think I try to hear these two a little more and to find the better deal too. Thanks a lot.
Hi, I've been improving my system (modestly, I don't have that many economic resourses), and now I'm going to change my f/c/l speakers. After reading much and some listening, I'd got to a list of four options that look good, so I like to ask if some of you can help me, leting me know what one option would you choose (please one, the one you'll buy). I know that my ears are the last and most important factor, but it would help me to have some input from other...
Thanks, I think I would go that way.
Hi, I'm changing some of the parts of my system, included the sub. After reading a lot in the internet, I decided that an Hsu sub is very good and not much expensive, so I'm thingking of buying one of these. The thing is I'm not convinced wich of thes two: STF-2 or STF-1. The difference in price is just $60.00, so I'd rather buy the bigger one, but I don't know if is too much for my system: - Pioneer VSX-1018AH receiver - Oppo DV-981 dvd/cd player - PS3 for blu ray and...
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