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Happy New Year. I'm new to this thread as I'm the new owner of an original SVS 20-39PC, got it for $200.00 to complement my living room HT system. First of all, this thing rocks, so I'm not really aware that it's lacking. I've been told by SVS that I can replace the original driver with an NSD driver for $200.00. Would the gain in sound quality be worth the extra coin with what I originally paid for it?
Nope, that's my "new" SVS 20-39 pc.
I've got it hooked up but as far as the other buttons & switches, I'm a little clueless. Btw, this things got some umph. Not bad for $200.00 huh?
Got it. Anyone wanna help me hook this thing up & set it up correctly?
Nope, that's a cs+, I'm just looking at a 20-39 pc
Ok, first of all, happy new years everyone. Next, with my BP30s, CLR2000, BPVXs, and SM450s, would an SVS 20-39PC be better than the SuperCube I I've already got?
Quote: Originally Posted by otk saw this in the subwoofer forum Thats good craftsmanship right there.
4 of them?
Wow, I can't believe nobody bid on these the first time around. Item #: 250726980643 http://www.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=250726980643
Any ideas as to which amps (SuperCube III, ProSub1000, ProSub800) could be used to power four 6 1/2 inch ProTower400 subs? Chet said they're 30 ohms, so I figure all four together would present a 7.5 ohm load.
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