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Anyone get Miracast to work? I have a Surface 2 and can't get it to work. Not even sure where to go in the menu to active Miracast.
Agree with Vampidemic.Hi heresnowhy, missed the OP post on this, my bad.
Hi Nomad1600, the reason TV remote can't control the STB is because you have it connected to Denon and not directly to Samsung.
Hi decarlod, try blowing compressed air into the headphone jack or plug a set of headphone into the jack a few times.
Nice deal, Crutchfield has it for this price as well.
Hi Cayod5, I believe its normal as my Sony S790 does the same.You can set the input level for each input to be the same using IntelliVolume adjustment found under Source Setup menu.
awesome dual setup. Are they sealed or ported? How low those go?
Hi basshead81, curious was this in bluray or dvd? And also was it in Mandarin or English?
On the receiver does "Analog" indicator light up above the volume display? If not, go into Audio Selector menu for that input (PC) and set it to Analog.
Hi trublu01, since you're using a Harmony remote turn off HDMI-CEC feature on the receiver (Menu > HDMI Setup > Control > Off) and TV. Note that with this feature off you would lose ARC (Audio Return Channel) from your TV.
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