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Hi crazyrob425, P363 is on sale now @ Fry's for $107 each with free shipping (Limited 2 per household).
P363 is on sale @ Fry's again this week, $107 each with free shipping now (Limited 2 per household).
Hi JoshLSTV, click on the actual speaker or click Add To Cart. Limited 2 per household and its free shipping now.
Hi SnoPro700, P363 is on sale @ Fry's again this week but lower the price back to $107 each.
Hi OldSenileGuy, its possible by moving the turntable analog connection (assume you're using RCA white & red) from CD input to the same name as the cable box on HDMI. Then on the remote press Signal Sel button and set it to Analog.
FYI, Amazon has the P163 for $59.99 each now.
My daughter's iPhone 4s had a similar AirPlay icon not showing up but it was the old software version where you had to swipe side way at the bottom. If I remember correctly all I did was change language to something other then English and then switch it back to English. Maybe give that a try to see if the icon reappear. Just go into Settings -> General -> International -> Language.
So the AirPlay icon is not showing up at all like my pic?
Hi Phrynichus, is the iPhone 4s software up to date?Here is a pic when swipe up on my 4s
Hi kairi033, could try turning off "Deep Color Output" in the PS3 found under Display Settings menu.
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