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FYI, Best Buy has a sale "Buy One for $9.99 and Get One Free" on select Blu-Rays movies. Two on the list are: Battle: Los Angeles, Black Hawk Down
Hi krv, try pressing and holding the Movie mode button (or Music, Game) to bring up option for sound modes.
FYI, Fry's has the P363 on sale again. Seem like the price on the P363 is slowly going up, its $144 each now. Also they have the P163 on sale for $59.99 each.
Hi Aragorn, the Denon Remote App by D&M Holdings has this Sound Mode.
Hi rdata34, if the Bluray player has a "Deep Color" video setting, try turning it off.
Hi daveb73, in the BD player audio menu set "Audio Output Priority as "Coaxial/Optical", "BD Audio" as "Direct", "Dolby Digital" as "Dolby Digital" and "DTS" as "DTS".
Hi mtsinai96, maybe I miss understand bi-amping or bi-wiring. But I don't believe you can do this with the Infinity P363 (if that is the speaker you purchased).
Hi rider1999, zone 2 support only 3 analog audio inputs (SAT/CATV, VIDEO-1, SA/CD/CD) plus tuner (AM/FM radio). Doesn't output Bluetooth, USB, Home Network and Sen (see OM page 89).
Hi djf1974djf, enable Simplink on the TV also see if other options available to switch TV speakers to off or to receiver.
Hi aaronwt, would be nice if they offer a discount for prime members. Even better if it can stream live contents.
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