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It works fine for me, and for others it seems. The key (both 2D and 3D) is to set Environmental Quality to Normal. The heavier sections of Boston should at least run over 30fps. All other settings can be cranked up if you have a powerful GPU. In any case, it should perform better than Tridef.
The game is now fixed on PC with Nvidia: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/729166/3d-vision/assassins-creed-3-real-3d-game-fix-beta-release/1/
I agree the tone and feel of the movie is different, but my point is that the movie is not intended to be an adaptation of The Hobbit the book alone. The reason we have three movies here is largely thanks to Tolkien and all the stories and world-building he wrote outside of, but related to, The Hobbit. For my part as a Tolkien fan, I'm glad we're getting more of Tolkien's material than just The Hobbit and I'm glad Jackson decided it was worth presenting that content to a...
When Tolkien wrote The Hobbit, his Middle Earth was still a work in progress. He hadn't yet imagined the events of Lord of the Rings. He changed the nature of the ring, and rewrote the Riddles in the Dark chapter. That made it into later versions of the Hobbit and is the scene we're familiar with. He made a lot of efforts after the fact to change the Hobbit to better match up with Lord of the Rings. He even tried to rewrite the whole thing, until he was advised to just...
I wouldn't watch it otherwise!
Just last week I picked up and watched all of the Extended Edition of An Unexpected Journey. The Appendices were excellent, and really the main attraction of course. I the loved the extra 13 minutes of the movie as well and I would have liked more! As a Tolkien fan it's just great to see more of his world (and the flavor of it, such as more songs) put on the screen.My only regret is I ended up double dipping, buying both the standard and extended editions. This time I...
Less flickery than than 720p 60fps 3D, as that runs at 120hz instead of 144hz. But it's not as smooth simply because it's comparing 24fps to 60fps.To put it another way, 1080p 24fps 3D games would be just as smooth and flicker-free at 144hz as Blu-ray movies at 144hz. But, while 24fps is considered acceptable for movies (and the only option anyway), it's not for games.
I'm looking forward to this! The the theatrical release of the movie here in Japan was only a month ago, February 28th. I decided to wait the extra month to get this imported from Amazon.com and watch it for the first time in the comforts of home. The complaint that that they made one book into three movies is a little tiring because it's not true. They combined The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings appendices, Unfinished Tales, and probably some other works, into three...
Yes, 144hz works with 1080p 24fps 3DTV Play. It's certainly not as smooth as 720p 60fps 3D though.
Your screen size won't really matter. You just need to measure, with the glasses off, the separation of the left and right images on the screen of objects which should be far off in the distance in the game world. They should not exceed your IPD of 2 inches. Adjust Depth to do so. I think it's ctrl F3 and F4 to decrease/increase depth. Check your Nvidia control panel to be sure.
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